We want you to see all of our wonderful region, Bohuslän. We’ve gathered a few of our favourite spots here. Book and plan these activities yourselves, but if you need any help we’re happy to answer questions or come up with more suggestions.

Something you definitely shouldn’t miss is a stroll into Slussen to visit Café Tillsammans a vegan café with their own home baked treats, sourdough bread from Herr Bröd & lots of other delicious snacks.


In Slussen and near the hotel

Right by the hotel is a lovely swimming area with sun deck, jetty and diving platform.
Anyone wanting to set out to sea can hire a two man canoe and/or two sea kayaks from us. Add that to your room booking or email us. Life jackets are available to borrow. If you’re intending to go on a longer tour you’ll need previous experience.
If you’re staying here – don’t forget to add our wood fired sauna by the shore to your booking.
If you want to go walking or running there are lots of lovely alternatives. You can pick up great tips from reception, including up towards Höggeröd or out on Brunnefjäll and the headland overlooking Slussen

On the island, about an hour away from Slussen 

There are many lovely places to visit less than an hour from Slussen.
On the road to Svanesund you’ll find Stillingsön, a pretty turn of the century seaside resort where all the beautifully maintained houses are painted in white and ochre.
Orust’s west coast is a tourist hot spot with several popular destinations. Hälleviksstrand is a fine stop as is Mollösund, a well preserved fishing village, and Käringön and Gullholmen are both beautiful, picturesque islands with the typical scenery of this area. The ferry goes from Tuvesvik.

Don’t miss a visit to Tavlebord, in the middle of the island, a farmers market with local produce and crafts, and Honungsgårdens bee farm and café next door. Continue on to the island of Lyr on the south coast where you can get a great lunch and a fantastic view from the lovely restaurant Bryggvingen


Outside Orust, exciting things to do nearby.

 Island hop in Bohuslän, start your trip from Ljungskile as just one example!
On our neighbouring island of  Tjörn don’t miss: Pilane with a Bronze Age burial ground and an annual giant sculpture exhibition, and the Nordiska Akvarellmuséet in Skärhamn, an internationally renowned attraction. Stop in Bleket and buy great sourdough bread and eat a delicious thin crust pizza at Lottas Bak & Form.
On the way to or from Orust is Sundsby Säteri with lovely walks and a nice cafe in a pretty setting.
Travelling north, Bohusläns Museum is always worth a visit. Stop on the way at Stallgården by Rotviksbro, a great place to get lunch. If you have any spare time in Uddevalla, Pingstkyrkans second handemporium, near the museum, is full of bargains. .
Seize the moment and make your experience of Slussen bigger!

Explore the archipelago by boat and bike

“Bring a bike and alternate three days either spent in the saddle, or behind the railing. The boat takes you to Orust where you can explore salt sprayed coastal roads, stop at cosy places to stay and find your own favourite picnic spots in between…. ”
/Södra Bohuslän

Read more about how you can explore the archipelago by boat and bike here; 

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