Hallins Hus – Slussen´s hide a way  pop up gourmet restaurant!

Suddenly things change!
After all these years being closed over autumn and winter, we have opened this little bit of paradise on earth during these lovely seasons when the land is at its best.
There’s a stillness in the bay, the morning mist lifts as the light appears, seals and kingfishers find refuge in the harbour and the whole of Bohuslän is overflowing with good things to eat. What’s more, we have time for each other.
Pär, our head chef, with his years at Swedish Taste and 28+ behind him, and Julian, our restaurant manager who was sommelier and head waiter at Fiskekrogen, are the ones taking the plunge.
They’re doing what they’ve always wanted to  – provide great gastronomic experiences and exquisite wines and beverages on a small scale.



Here’s what you need to do – book a whole package – with woodfired sauna, dinner, bed & breakfast.
Price: From 2995 SEK per person ( drinks extra)
You’ll check in, if you’re peckish we can sort a Swedish fika for you, then you can walk down to the sauna and enjoy the warmth there followed by a refreshing dip in the sea.  Back at the hotel there’ll be time to change for dinner which starts at 7pm. We’ll kick off with a starter, outdoors under a canopy if it’s not too windy, then we’ll sit at the two big tables. The dishes, served to everyone at the same time, will start to arrive one after the other. Julian, our restaurant maestro, and Pär, our kitchen maestro, will guide you expertly through the meal and drinks. After dinner, coffee with brandy will be served in the upstairs glass veranda in Hallins Hus.




They’ll go out mushrooming, pick seaweed at the water’s edge, visit our nearest growers, source humanely reared animals, a bit of game, and bring back the finest shellfish of course.
Most of the dishes we serve will be cooked outdoors on the barbecue.
Both the wines and alcohol free drinks will be carefully chosen to enhance the meal.
There’s no menu – just turn up – and a selection of dishes will be served as the evening proceeds.
In December the experience will be Christmassy in the best sense of the word!



We’re open Saturdays from middle of October. Dates will come up soon.
In December Christmas meal / corporate bookings can be made every day of the week and private bookings Fridays and Saturdays. 
Subject to availability those who just want to book a table are of course also welcome to do so!

Looking forward to a lovely autumn and winter!
Pär & Julian  / Slussens Pensionat 


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