Environmental Policy


We’ve thought deeply about what impact we as a business in the hospitality industry have on the world around us. As a result we’ve consciously made choices that lessen our part in the mismanagement of the earth’s resources.

When you choose to stay at Slussens Pensionat you’re making a small contribution towards a sustainable future. You’ll also be supporting local food producers and increasing the demand for ecologically produced goods and wines.
We hope that your experience here is extra special in every way.

Organic food and the climate

The global food manufacturing industry has a huge impact on the climate. You can have an influence on this as a consumer. Our thoughts are that:
Meat should be organically produced on farms with good animal management, and there should be a choice of vegetarian dishes on the menu that are a satisfactory alternative. We serve carafes of tap water which is a greener alternative to bottled carbonated mineral water.

Sustainable – clearly!

Here are a few examples of some essential eco-labelled products that we select:
Paper in all its forms, office equipment, white goods, toner, printer equipment, cleaning fluid, soap, shampoo, clothes, foodstuffs and wines.

…and some examples of what we do to minimise our impact on the environment:

Sort our rubbish into lots of smaller piles, avoid buying single-use packaging, arrange combined deliveries, encourage our guests to save water, electricity and laundry, serve draught drinks or returnable bottles and collect rainwater for watering the garden.

We have also chosen an eco-labelled laundry; part of our warm water is heated by solar collectors and we’ve installed motion sensor lighting.

Ecology and economy

We realised early on that thriftiness and a sound environmental policy go hand in hand together. It’s taken for granted nowadays that we: Lower our energy consumption, reduce water usage, use fewer chemicals in washing and dishwashing, and sort our rubbish.

We are also trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce, which doesn’t just pose a threat to the economy but also the climate. We’re prudent in our use of raw materials. Recycling is a word we like. We keep and maintain our furnishings, happily buy second hand and our waiting on staffs’ work wear is bought from Salvation Army and Emmaus charity shops.

We can pretty much sum up our food philosophy as follows:

Great tasting food, as organic, and as local, as possible.
After many years hard work we think we can demonstrate that those three principles have created one of the best kitchens on this coast. We feel justified in making that claim. We also feel sure that we have gone further than most in our ambition to develop a sustainable policy for our restaurant kitchen.



As far as possible during summer and autumn, we buy locally grown vegetables, eggs, berries and fruit. The quality is outstanding thanks to the care farmers take of their produce.

Austad Farm has celebrated their 25th anniversary. For that many years we have been using Sutip’s fantastic herbs, decorative flowers and huge quantities of her vegetables.

Other suppliers

Some of the foods we use, such as many of our breakfast items, are biodynamically produced as well and come from Biodynamiska Produkter.

We are also grateful to Wästgötarna in Trollhättan and to Lögens Mill in Lysekil who send us only the best flour.

From Sommarhagen Dairy in Nol we get really good cheese.


Green wines

It’s not that long ago that it was hard to find organically produced wines of a decent quality, quantity and price. Now the choice is much more extensive, partly because several of the larger wine producers have changed their methods of cultivation, but also because we realised that the old established vineyards have quite simply been growing things using natural methods for hundreds of years.


Green beers and other drinks

In addition, we’re pleased to have several local breweries as suppliers.  Ahlafors, for example  make our own label beers Vibs Viper and Biggles Brew.

We also have green labelled  aquavit, cognac and whisky etc.


The local company Gröna Gårdar produce Krav labelled meat from animals that feed exclusively on green fodder. (Food that carries the KRAV-label has been produced in an environmentally friendly and ethical manner.)The cows are left outside to graze most of the year. We also get lamb from the island, and chicken from Mowitz, not far away.


We are very rigorous when it comes to buying fish for our restaurant. We decided early on that only sustainably sourced fish off the green list would be allowed into the kitchen, certified by MSC, Marine Stewardship Council.

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