Conferences and Kick offs!

At your disposal we have:
35 rooms sleeping approximately 70 in lovely comfortable beds, distributed over six charming buildings.
Light, pleasant meeting rooms, two large and three smaller, plus a room for group activities and all the equipment you need.
A room to gather and take breaks, with an open fire and cosy sofas. Sunny decks with a sea view and a lovely large garden for group work or relaxation.
A dining room with waves lapping under the floor struts, and a glass veranda facing the sea where you’ll eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Authentic wood fired Finnish sauna on the swimming jetty.
Activities that are challenging, fun and skill building.

We offer conferences where you don’t have to think about sustainable choices – we’ve already made them.
During your stay we’ll make it easy for you to practice what you preach – mindfully and enjoyably.
The kitchen’s maxim is sustainable gastronomy, and the menu is chosen according to season and availability. We serve organic meat, green listed fish and excellent vegetarian dishes.
The premises have been awarded several environmental certifications and we have learnt how to be economical with all our resources.

Our packages:
Spring and early summer conferences: from 1625 SEK
Late sumer and autumn conferences: from 1725 SEK
Winter conferences: from 1425 SEK
IVAT will be added to this price.
Enquiries and booking:
0046 (0)304 37525 or

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